Hey, I'm Lydia.

Photography has been in my blood since birth. My dad always had a good camera and loved taking photographs on trips and of his family. I inherently felt my love for photography from a young age, photographing my stuffed animals and my pets. Now, my main focus is families, newborns and all things baby, with a few weddings splashed in there.

I have been in business for 10 years, capturing memories for family and friends and now clients who feel like family. I'll do about anything to get your kiddos to laugh and enjoy their time with me. My style is simple, fun and snuggly. I love sunsets and natural backgrounds the most, but I do have a studio for those colder months.

I am a mama of 3 growing kids - Karsen, Kooper and Kensie. Along with my husband of over 15 years, my kids are my everything and my drive for greatness. I love to run, drink coffee and be with family. Nothing makes me happier than a lazy day watching movies. I am nothing if not me, 100% of the time. Enjoy.

"I'll do anything to get a smile. Even silly noises. Zero shame."